Welcome to Property Crowdfunding

Igloo Crowd is a Sharia-compliant online marketplace offering property investments exclusively to registered investors. We provide all our investors with simple, transparent access to attractive below market value property investment opportunities in the UK.

Our independent crowdfunding platform represents a robust revolution in real estate, opening up the world of property investment to a much wider market, with a cutting-edge approach. This was previously in the hands of elitist asset/pension fund managers.
We use a unique infrastructure model that reflects our mission to revolutionise investment in the global crowdfunding arena.

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Our Mission

We channel technology and innovation with the purpose of revolutionising property investment. Our mission is to allow everyone to explore exciting new real estate opportunities – free of the financial burden that traditional loans and/or mortgages entail, through our professionalism and in compliance with Islamic finance and FCA regulations.

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Ethical & Shariah Compliant

We guarantee the comfort and safety of our tenants against The Housing Standards and by offering social housing projects as an option for investors. Our investors benefit from the expertise of our Sharia compliance Director for an extra layer of protection with respect to rulings of Islamic Finance as well as unmatched commitment to social responsibility.

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