About Igloo Crowd

Igloo Crowd Ltd was incorporated in 2016, and launched in 2018. Igloo Crowd combines Equity-based property Crowdfunding with Fintech!

Investment opportunities

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    Our mission is to revolutionise property investment, through innovative technology. Eligible investors are given the online opportunity to join an ethical, transparent and highly rewarding investment alternative.

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    Our objective is simple: to provide a diverse selection of property investment opportunities that aim to provide high Return on Investment. Whilst also providing the average person the chance to invest in the property market which they otherwise may not have been able to.

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    We have the aim to transform the Property Crowdfunding and Fintech industry. With over 125 years’ combined experience in buying, renting, selling, renovating, and developing Below Market Value (BMV) properties; we have become specialists in this field. 

Our team

Our team came together when the founder and CEO, Javed Khan, and saw an opportunity in property crowdfunding. At the time, it was difficult to become involved in interest-free property investment. There was a niche in the market for ethically compliant methods of investing. It was from this idea, Igloo Crowd was formed. 

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Javed Khan

Founder / CEO

Javed has years of experience transforming residential and commercial properties as well as developing winning customer relationships in the real estate business. His extensive expertise as an entrepreneur also covers such varied fields as domestic appliances, and bespoke furniture manufacturing and retail. Prior to founding Igloo Crowd, he spent 25 years purchasing, developing, marketing, selling, and managing properties across prime Central London areas. This gives him unique insight into the £1 trillion Islamic Finance industry and the £5 trillion UK Property market, and the investment opportunities they hold.

Igloo Crowd is the result of his vision and dedication to providing ethical and Shariah-compliant options for property investors. This became the catalyst for the revolutionary idea of using technology to bring together Crowdfunding and Property Investment in a welcome manner for all those consumers who hold fast to ethical or religious prohibitions regarding interest, as well as other aspects of ethical investing.

Javed has strong insight as well as excellent contacts that have allowed him to access below market value properties regardless of market conditions. He has proven his wealth of skills, experience and expertise in delivering the best financial property solutions to his clients. This places Igloo Crowd at the forefront of ethically-based FinTech companies in the UK.

In addition to his admirable business credentials, Javed has an interest in philanthropy and has been involved in charitable initiatives to raise funds for victims of natural disasters across the world. He holds a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Warwick.

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Shafi Nuur

Co-Founder / COO

Shafi Nuur is a young, passionate entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding Igloo Crowd, he has fulfilled a variety of roles across diverse sectors. From education to customer care and sales, Shafi has the drive and focus to succeed in the highly competitive landscape of real estate and technology. He is the centre point for our company, leading the day to day operations at Igloo Crowd and implementing new models and decisions that drive company growth.

His contacts in the industry and unique approach to the market give him a considerable advantage in positioning Igloo Crowd as a leader in the sector of crowdfunding and property investment.

In his role as Igloo Crowd’s Chief Operating Officer, Shafi is responsible for delivering a fast, efficient, end-to-end experience for customers. He played a key role in assembling a team of professionals with over 125 years collective experience in Central London and UK-wide property market.

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Taher Noor


Taher Noor is an accredited marketing professional with experience in digital marketing and campaign management.

Having received training in the UK and in Europe, and having planned, managed and run multi-million pound campaigns in several languages in over 30 countries, Taher has vital hands on experience with the best industry practises within some of the largest corporations worldwide.

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Patrick Moyle


Patrick Moyle qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1986 and has over 33 years’ experience. He obtained his degree in Building Surveying in Southbank University. He has worked for Amos Broom Associates (the old Gascoigne Pees Partnership) and Colleys Surveyors.

He has considerable experience in both Residential and Commercial Building Surveying, specialises in Building Surveys of Country Houses and unusual properties. He has also developed considerable expertise in the Survey of period buildings, especially old timber frame structures, cob and imperial brickwork.

Patrick also undertakes Expert Witness projects and especially, Party Wall Awards, Commercial Dilapidations, Building Defect Investigations and Contract Administration.

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Sean Steer


Sean has over 35 years’ experience as a Chartered Building Surveyor in surveying both commercial and residential properties including hospitals, schools, museums and all types of residential properties.

He has worked on a number of projects including repair works to the University of Sussex, construction of a new dairy unit, reconstruction of several houses following fire damage and stock survey of a number of public buildings.

Sean has also more recently specialised in the survey and valuation of Residential Property and undertakes traditional building surveying professional services such as dilapidations and Party Wall Awards.

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Mufti Abdul Kader Baraktulla

Shariah Compliance Officer

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Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla is a prominent Islamic Shari’ah law scholar with a strong background in economics and finance. He has been trained extensively both in traditional Islamic and modern Western education, and has been named an “expert in Islamic Finance” by the UK Parliament.

As one of the Shari’ah Judges at the Islamic Shari’ah Council in London, Mufti Abdul Kadir will be ensuring that our work is consistent with the Ethical laws of Islamic Finance.

Mufti is a member of the Sharia supervisory boards for many financial institutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Al Rayan Bank, formerly Islamic Bank of Britain, UK
  • ABC Bank International, London
  • UBL UK, formerly United National Bank, UK
  • BSI SA Bank, Lungano, Switzerland

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